Stage 4: Čiovo – Trogir

Distance: 20,8 km / Ascent: 600 m+ / Descent: 625 m- / Start: Church Lady of Prizidnica / Finish: Trogir

Seen from Split or Trogir, Island of Čiovo looks very tame, but on the south side, high cliffs plunge into the sea. Right there, in the middle of the cliffs, is the start of Stage 4. The race will start from medieval monastery built for hermits back in the 16th century.

From there the trail leads toward eastern cape of Island Čiovo, from where you can see the city of Split and its surroundings. The trail goes by the sea and climbs somewhat above the shore after few kilometres. Most of the time the view is opened northwards, toward mountain Kozjak, and after a while it reaches a small village called Žedno. In Croatian Žedno literally means ”thirsty”. Since the island is without permanent water source, back in the past it was critical to secure enough water for the whole year round. That’s why in Žedno you can find many water cisterns with big, flat surface around for collecting rain. Close to Žedno the trail passes by medieval church of St Mavar. The legend says that locals started to worship this saint when his painting drifted in nearby bay.

Shortly after St Mavar, the trail will lead you to beautiful viewpoint of town Trogir, protected by UNESCO as world heritage site. It is like an open air museum whose cathedral, churches and monasteries, palaces and narrow streets attract people from all over the world. Since the accommodation is near Trogir, you can spend more time exploring this unique city.  Finish line of stage 5 is right in Trogir, on the promenade.

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